We are a small urban farm looking to connect people to their food. 

Recently teamed up with nonprofit, Blossom & Wood to create a learning outdoor space. Benson Food Forest

Fork N Farm 2018
Fork N Farm 2018

The urban farm in full row function. Soon to be no till edible forest!

Image by Dan Gold
Image by Dan Gold

We started to plant fruit and nut tree guilds last fall.

Image by Jakob Owens
Image by Jakob Owens

Loving and living in our world together.

Fork N Farm 2018
Fork N Farm 2018

The urban farm in full row function. Soon to be no till edible forest!

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Small urban farm located in the Benson neighborhood.  Bringing sustainably grown heirloom produce to Omaha, Nebraska.

Our farm was established in 2014 and we are now transitioning out of the marketplace and into community learning space full of perennials and edible trees with an outdoor kitchen and annual raised beds.  


Benson Food Forest is a Blossom & Wood collaboration with Fork N Farm to create a space outdoors to gather and learn. 

Programs will be available in 2021 to learn how to garden, prepare, store, preserve, and cook using zero waste methodology.

3D plans are being worked on now and soon pathways and gathering spaces will be established. We hope to see you all in Spring 2021.


If you would like to donate funds or materials to help build the food forest there is a list of our needs here. To name a few...

  • Raised Beds

  • Plants

  • Trees

  • Pathways

  • Tables

  • Seating Areas

  • Archways

  • Soil

  • Gravel

Get Involved

Volunteering can be very fulfilling and rewarding work. We are always looking for a helping hand on the urban farm. Stay tuned for upcoming volunteer dates. Or message us directly to help sooner. 

If you are interested in connecting to nature through food and exploration, let's connect!

News 1

Holiday Market - November 14, 2020 @ Dandelion Pop Up

News 2

Spring 2021 Event TBD

News 3

Fall Harvest Festival TBD

Latest Project

Fork N Farm is collaborating with Blossom & Wood to create a community space to explore and learn together at the Benson Food Forest.